5 Valuable tips to supercharge your virtual classroom practices

5 Valuable tips to supercharge your virtual classroom practices

Education acts as a pillar of society, with institutes playing an important role. With the Covid-19 pandemic making a significant impact on almost everything worldwide, including the education system, it has become essential to find innovative ways to keep students engaged with studies and reverse the effects of prolonged school closures. Switching to the best virtual classroom platform can be the first right step in this direction.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while switching to a virtual platform:

Short sessions

Virtual classes may make your students feel bored very soon if not planned carefully. The only way to keep them fully attentive and engaged throughout the session is to keep your sessions short, crisp, impactful, and interesting. Time management is the secret to creating enjoyable sessions for students. Divide your time wisely and smartly, and you’re good to go.

Equitable access

Technology may not be equally accessible to all students. While some students may have high-speed internet in their homes, others may not have access to that. Similarly, some may have expensive PCs, but others may have limited resources. So, it is crucial to find ways to ensure equitable access to technology for all students. One way can be to record your sessions in video and audio formats to help students facing network issues.

Easy onboarding

Switching to a new platform may be an overwhelming experience for both students and educators. To make it seamless, institutions should develop an approach that makes onboarding smoother for both parties. They can get their staff enrolled in training or demo sessions and assist students in getting on board with the new platform.

Ensure data privacy

Data privacy is a significant concern among people around the world. The pandemic-led environment has made most sectors adopt digital solutions to keep them going. But it is essential to find ways to ensure data privacy. Institutes can invest in a single platform that offers all the features they need and reduce such risks.

Zoom fatigue

Zoom fatigue is real! Even the BBC agrees with that. It is clear that virtual classes cannot be engaging for long durations like physical classes and so educators needs to keep the sessions engaging for the students. And the duration is not the only factor with an impact. You need to remember that.

The bottom line

Virtual classes have acted as a bridge between teachers and students during the lockdown. The same has paved the way for practices like “learning from home” and “teaching from home” — making things more convenient for both students and educators. The key to success is to find a virtual platform that accommodates all your needs. The above tips will help you juice the most out of your LMS.

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