Professional Institutes can use these tools to make eLearning effective for students

Professional Institutes can use these tools to make eLearning effective for students

The coronavirus pandemic caused a lot of problems and tragedies for people all around the world. However, if we were to pick something positive out of this pandemic, it would be the growing popularity of digital communication and learning. From offices to educational institutes, everyone has made the switch to e-learning because of the pandemic. Virtual learning has become a reality in today’s times and it is proving quite useful for both students and teachers. If your professional institute has too made the switch to e-learning, below are some tools that you can use to improve e-learning experience for your students.

Provide recorded video lectures to students

Some colleges or schools may have a limit when it comes to recording lectures or there can be an issue with the learning software, but we will advise you to try and find a way to record your lectures whenever you can. Why? For instance, there can be times when a student or a group of students may not be able to attend live lectures or classes due to sickness or some other issue. If the lectures are recorded, they can watch them later. Not just them, even those who attended the live classes can go back to the recorded videos to quickly revise the topics and improve their understanding of the concepts.

Assign group projects to the students

Some people wrongly assume that e-learning might not be the best way of teaching students. They assume students cannot form personal connections with their fellow students if they learn digitally, which is simply not true. Many professional institutes allow their students to form connections with each other by assigning group projects or group tasks to them. By working in groups, student stay connected with one another and learn topics in a fun and interactive way.

Keep your presentations concise

According to many studies, it has been found that most students can keep their attention on a topic for about 20 minutes and beyond which, they get distracted or bored. And when it comes to school or college students, the attention span can be even shorter, especially when they are learning via video. So, it is advisable that teachers or lecturers do presentations in an interesting way by breaking it up in engaging activities. For instance, they can present a topic for about 10 minutes and then introduce quizzes, games, and other similar activities to hold students’ attention.

Other ways of improving students’ e-learning experience include providing information in multiple ways, giving them assignments that can be done virtually, and collecting students’ and their parent’s feedback. If you are looking for the best online teaching platform for your students, you can get in touch with prepbuddies. Our specialization lies in developing some of the best AI-based learning management system (LMS) in the e-learning education industry. prepbuddies’ LMS will allow you to prepare students for competitive exams, make learning fun, collaborate with students in real-time, evaluate their progress, and do much more. To know more about our offerings, feel free to call or whatsapp us at +1 214-636-9182.






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